11 Crustless Quiche Recipes (2024)

Avoid a stressful morning (and satisfy any hungry houseguests) with one of these easy recipes, most of which require just 15 to 30 minutes of prep time.

If crust-free sounds lame, we feel you, but we promise you won’t miss the crust — the veggies, spices, and cheese more than make up for it. Did we mention that leaving out the crust makes these quiches easier to cook? Sounds like heaven to us.

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1. Mixed vegetable crustless quiche

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The brighter the breakfast, the better. Zucchini, squash, and orange bell peppers take this quiche to the next level and will make you feel like summer has come early.

Add garlic, thyme, and Parmesan if you want to boost the flavor.

2. Carmelized onion, mushroom, and kale quiche without crust

If you’re looking for more ways to eat mushrooms and kale, this recipe is an easy option. When the veggies are combined with creamy eggs and the sweet taste of cooked onions and raisins, you might not even realize they’re there.

Did we mention the onions are caramelized in butter? We’re sold.

3. Instant Pot kuku sabzi (Persian herb quiche)

Great news for all you Instant Pot lovers out there: Now you can pour the ingredients into a casserole dish, hit the “pressure cook” button, and come out with a gorgeous crustless quiche. (What can’t the Instant Pot do?)

This traditional dish is served as a way to mark the beginning of springtime and celebrate the Persian new year. Serve it hot or cold with lavash, yogurt, cucumbers, and radishes for a colorful “spring has sprung!” kinda feast.

4. Parmesan crustless quiche

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We’re into this quiche recipe because it’s easily adaptable to your guests’ tastes and to whatever ingredients you have in the fridge.

Whisk together eggs, milk, and your favorite cheese, plus a cup of toppings — spinach, onion, ham, and tomatoes work well, but any meats or veggies will do. Add a little Parmesan and go to town.

5. Pressure cooker egg bites

If you’ve got a pressure cooker at the ready, all you need is a silicone mold. This recipe has all 👏the 👏cheese: cottage cheese, soft cheese (like cream cheese or brie), and shredded cheese (like cheddar, Monterey jack, or mozzarella).

Simply combine the ingredients, pour into the mold, start the pressure cooker, and enjoy the heavenly aroma wafting through your house. When the time’s up, you’ve got a batch of adorable crustless egg bites ready to go.

Pro tip: If you have two silicone molds, you can stack them in the pressure cooker (with a piece of parchment paper in between) and store the second batch of cooked egg bites in the freezer.

6. Crustless spinach and cheddar quiche

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We’re always looking for ways to add more greens to our meals, and this quiche puts spinach in the spotlight. Eggs, cheddar cheese, and the leafy green combine for a simple yet filling breakfast of champions.

Pro tip: Make sure to drain the spinach before adding it to the eggs, or the excess water will make your quiche runny.

7. Crustless quiche Lorraine

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Your family will love this quiche, which basically tastes like a healthy twist on an Egg McMuffin.

It features the classic combo of bacon, egg, and cheese and uses a mixture of whole eggs and egg whites for a lighter version. Swap heavy cream for your favorite nondairy milk to make it even better for you.

8. Mini crustless quiches

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Ditch the serving platter and cook up these mini quiches instead. The ultimate grab-and-go breakfast, these are perfect for busy mornings, feeding your whole family, or pleasing a crowd at a homemade brunch.

You can switch up the flavors and make half the batch veggie-friendly and the other half meaty, with bacon, ham, or turkey sausage. Put cheese on both sides, because… cheese.

9. Avocado and bacon crustless quiche

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With crunchy bacon bits and creamy avocado baked inside, this crustless quiche reminds us of a club sandwich.

Add mozzarella and you’ve got an ooey-gooey breakfast that practically melts in your mouth. Save room — you’re gonna want seconds.

10. Mushroom and pancetta crustless quiche

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For a salty, savory breakfast, you can’t go wrong with this cremini mushroom and pancetta combo.

Add thyme, parsley, and paprika to freshen it up and give it a slight kick. Olive oil and a mixture of whole eggs and egg whites lighten up the dish. And because it uses no cheese, milk, or cream, your dairy-free friends will be happy.

11. Pressure cooker crustless crab quiche

This light and fluffy quiche can be a great snack on its own or a classy meal when paired with a side salad. It takes a little more time than other recipes on this list, but it’ll all be worth it (we promise).

What’s nice about this dish is that crab meshes well with different flavors. You can substitute goat cheese or feta for the Parmesan, trade broccoli for scallions, or use Italian herbs instead of herbes de Provence.

Pro tip: To make it keto-friendly, swap the imitation crab meat for real crab — the imitation stuff is higher in carbs.

Somewhere between classic quiche and frittata, these crustless quiches are a great way to load up on basically whatever you feel like eating (or whatever veggies are about to go bad).

The eggs seamlessly hold it all together in any easy, portable breakfast. There will be no more skipping the most important meal of the day when you know it tastes this good.

11 Crustless Quiche Recipes (2024)


What not to put in quiche? ›

Avoid Fillings That Are Too Wet

"Some vegetables, such as sliced large tomatoes or raw zucchini, have a high water content and will make your quiche soggy (even if you follow all steps to avoid this!)," Davila notes.

Why is my crustless quiche soggy? ›

According to Real Simple, this typically occurs when adding too-wet ingredients to the quiche filling, layering the egg custard with, for example, large slices of raw tomato or raw zucchini. These vegetables, while tasty, have a high water content when raw, which will weep into the quiche as it bakes.

Is milk better than heavy cream in quiche? ›

Heavy Cream and Milk – For the best tasting quiche, use a combination of whole milk and heavy cream. (Or simply use half-and-half.) Using just heavy cream produces an overly thick filling. Whole milk is great, but a combo of heavy cream and milk is better.

What is the difference between a quiche and a crustless quiche? ›

Crustless quiche is similar to a traditional quiche where it has savory egg custard loaded with cheese and mix-ins, but it's baked without a pie crust. It's the easygoing egg bake answer to practically every breakfast problem I've ever seen.

Should quiche be cooked at 350 or 375? ›

BAKE in center of 375°F oven until center is almost set but jiggles slightly when dish is gently shaken and knife inserted near center comes out clean, 30 to 40 minutes.

Why put nutmeg in quiche? ›

Salt, cayenne pepper, ground nutmeg: These seasonings flavor of the quiche, with salt balancing the flavors, cayenne pepper adding a slight heat, and ground nutmeg providing a warm, nutty undertone.

Can you put too many eggs in a quiche? ›

Using too many eggs in the custard results in a quiche that rubbery and too firm when baked, while not using enough will prevent the custard from setting. Follow This Tip: Remember this ratio: 1 large egg to 1/2 cup of dairy.

Do you need to prebake pie crust for quiche? ›

Some recipes like quiches recommend partially cooked pie shells because the baking time wouldn't be long enough to fully cook the dough otherwise. Pre-baking a crust can ensure that your pie or tart crust will be fully baked and browned, and not soggy.

What is the milk to egg ratio for quiche? ›

Quiche Ratio: 1 large egg to 1/2 cup of dairy

You'll need to increase the amount of eggs and milk based on the size of your quiche, so knowing the basic ratio makes it really easy to scale up or down. For a standard 9-inch quiche: Use 3 large eggs (6 ounces) 1 1/2 cups of whole milk or cream (12 ounces)

Can I use 2% milk instead of heavy cream for quiche? ›

For gluten-free crust, try making a sweet potato crust. The Custard: For your custard to set properly in the oven, use this easy ratio: 1 part dairy to 2 parts eggs. Classic custards use heavy cream, but 2% milk contains a fraction of the saturated fat and is still plenty rich.

Can I substitute sour cream for heavy cream in quiche? ›

But it's possible to make quiche without heavy cream — you could try a sour cream substitute for the cream, although keep in mind that sour cream also is high in calories, at 455 per cup, and contains almost 45 grams of fat per cup as per the USDA.

What is a French crustless quiche called? ›

A frittata, sometimes called a crustless quiche, has no crust, and you can bake it directly in a pan or skillet.

Who sells crustless quiche? ›

Waitrose Ham & Cheese Crustless Quiche340g

Free range eggs and cream with the classic cheese and ham pairing, without a crust. A perfect quiche to serve at summer picnics or for lunch.

What is another name for a crustless quiche? ›

WHAT IS A FRITTATA? Frittatas are Italian in origin and can be described as a cross between an omelet and a crustless quiche.

What makes quiche unhealthy? ›

Is quiche healthy? Quiche is bad news when it comes to a healthy diet. It's usually made with cheese and cream in the filling as well as butter in the pastry case, so it's often high in saturated fat and calories. Ingredients like bacon will add salt and more saturated fat.

Why is my quiche tasteless? ›

We've all had a slightly bland quiche before, and there's nothing worse. To avoid this classic trap, take a little of your egg mixture and fry it in a pan until cooked through. Taste it for seasoning, and this will give you a good indicator of whether you've nailed that seasoning or if it needs another pinch of salt.

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