BCBS alpha prefixes list and claim submission address – Updated list. | Medical Billing and Coding (2024)

Its often confused that BCBS have lot of prefixes and where to contact. However we have some guide to follow, using prefixes we could find the state of the BCBS and contact phone number to proceed further. Use find (Ctrl + F) and enter the prefix to find the BCBS state.

The three characters preceding the subscriber identification number on BCBS member ID cards. It identifies the member’s Blue Cross Blue Shield company or national account in order to properly route the claim.

BCBS Alpha Prefixes

Most BCBS-branded ID cards display a three-character alpha prefix in the first three positions of the member’s ID number. However, there are some exceptions. ID cards for the following products and programs do not have an alpha prefix:

** Stand-alone vision and pharmacy when delivered through an intermediary model*

** Stand-alone dental products*

** The BCBS Federal Employee Program (FEP) – The letter “R” appears in front of the ID number.*

*Follow instructions on these ID cards to verify eligibility, submit claims and obtain health plan contact information.

The alpha prefix is critical for inquiries regarding the member, including eligibility and benefits, and is necessary for proper claim filing.

** When filing a claim, always enter the ID number, including the alpha prefix, exactly as it appears on the member’s card.

** Always include the member’s ID number, including the alpha prefix, on any documents pertaining to services to ensure accurate handling by the BCBS Plan.

A member’s ID number includes the alpha prefix in the first three positions and all subsequent characters ‒ between 6 and 14 numbers or letters ‒ up to 17 characters total. The following are examples of ID numbers with the alpha prefix highlighted:





BCBS alpha prefixes list and claim submission address – Updated list. | Medical Billing and Coding (1)

Note : Guest members do not have an alpha prefix. They are identified by “Guest Member” on their health plan ID card.

Blue cross Blue Shield association cannot accept Guest Membership claims electronically. They must be sent hard copy. However, fax submission is allowed at the ollowing fax numbers: 866-365-5504 or 303-764- 7123 for BCBS OF CA AND BCBS OF CO

EMPIRE BCBS Decides the pre certification requirements based on the prefix id.

Every user of BCBS health insurance is assigned an alpha prefix that contains three letters. This prefix is the part of the distinctive identification number. If you are aware about the bcbs alpha prefix of your health insurance, then you can get the desired support on time for claiming the insurance. In general, this prefix is mainly used to confirm the eligibility of the member and coverage information. This alpha prefix of BCBS plays the major role behind the proper way to claim the health insurance plan without delay and difficulty.

In general, there are two categories of alpha prefixes namely account specific and plan specific alpha prefixes. If you get the plan specific alpha prefix, then the first two characters in this prefix are used to identify your plan. On the other hand, the third character in the prefix is used to find out the product type you have enrolled in. You may have invested in the account specific alpha prefix health insurance plan from BSBS at this time. In this health insurance plan, alpha prefix is assigned to national accounts. You can get the standardized coverage from this health insurance plan all through the nation. The employer group name is usually associated with the alpha prefix of the account specific health insurance type.

Many residents in our time do not aware about how they can decide on the alpha prefix and reap more than a few benefits from the best suitable health insurance plan. They can take note of bcbs alpha prefix online in detail and gain knowledge of how to choose the right alpha prefix. This is worthwhile to avoid selecting the alpha prefix randomly. You may like to substitute any prefix of BCBS with an existing BCBS. You have to avoid this idea when you have geared up for successfully using the health insurance plan. People who include both alpha prefix as well as alpha numeric characters precede the alpha prefix in every claim and correspondence submitted to BCBS can get the desired assistance almost immediately.

As a beginner to alpha prefix of BCBS at this time, you like to know about the role of the alpha prefix and how to use this alpha prefix properly. You have to bear in mind that the alpha prefix has three letters usually followed by the identification of member of BCBS. The total number of characters in the member’s ID ranges from six to fourteen. All people who have BCBS health insurance policy have to make copies of their ID front and back and keep such records on hand. They can use such copies in different situations and get the complete support on time as awaited. They will be satisfied when they properly use this insurance plan and fulfil overall requirements on the prompt assistance for claiming the insurance.

Prefixes for Empire HMO Plans

Precertification remains the responsibility of the provider for all Empire HMO network members. HMO products include BlueChoice HMO, Direct Connection HMO, Child Health Plus, BlueChoice HMO/POS and Direct POS. Please refer to the member’s ID card to determine if he/she has one of these products.


BCBS alpha prefixes list and claim submission address – Updated list. | Medical Billing and Coding (2)

Network Name Old Alpha Prefix New Alpha Prefix

BlueCare Direct

YDQ – Retail ON Exchange
YDO – Retail OFF Exchange
YDV – SG ON Exchange
YDM – SG Off Exchange
QMD – Retail ON Exchange
QMC – Retail OFF Exchange
QMB – SG ON Exchange
QMA – SG OFF Exchange

Blue Choice Preferred

PPO YDX – Retail ON Exchange
YDW – Retail OFF Exchange
YUV – SG ON Exchange
YDZ – SG OFF Exchange
QMF – Retail ON Exchange
QME – Retail OFF Exchange
YUV – SG ON Exchange
QMG – SG OFF Exchange


Always use the alpha prefix on the member’s current ID card. If there is no alpha prefix, do not create one or use an alpha prefix from another member’s ID card, even one from the same BCBS Plan. Doing so may cause delays in the handling of your inquiries and claims. If the card presented has no alpha prefix, follow the instructions on the back of the ID card for inquiries and claim handling.

Note : We have added some more prefixes in the list. Please use comment section to add or Modify further.

Prefix Product Area Billing Address Phone #

AAX CA BC CA, POB 60007 , Los Angeles , CA , 90060 800-765-2588

ABW VA BC VA, Trigon POB 27401, Richmond , VA , 23279 800-445-7490

ACN PA BC PA, Highmark BC PO Box 1210 , Pittsburgh , PA , 15230 800-682-3386

ACT NY BCBS Empire, POB 11800 , Albany , NY , 12211-0800 800-992-2583

AEO MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

AFM PA BC PA, 5th Ave Pl Ste 2012L , Pittsburgh , PA , 15222 800-489-4484

AGC MO BCBS MO, POB 419169 , Kansas City , MO , 64141-6169 888-989-8842

AHP Empire Empire BC, POB 5020 , Middletown , NY , 10940 800-772-2875

AHU PPO MD BC MD, 10455 Mill Run Circle , Owings Mills , MD , 21117 877-228-7268

AHW PA BCBS NE PA, 70 N Main St , Wilkes-Barre , PA , 18711 717-829-8500

AIU PA Independence BC, 1901 Market St , Philadelphia , PA , 19103 215-564-2100

AKM MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

ALN PA BC PA, Highmark, POB 1210 , Pittsburgh , PA , 15230 800-433-9906

ALR AR BC AR, PO Box 2181 , Little Rock , AR , 72203-2180 888-847-1400

AMU RI BCRI, 444 Westminister St , Providence , RI , 02903-3279 401-831-7300

AMZ KY BC KY, POB 37690 , Louisville , KY , 40233 800-925-0135

AON IL BC IL, POB 1364 , Chicago , IL , 60690 800-972-8088

APT DE BC DE, POB 8830 , Wilmington , DE , 19899-8830 800-342-2221

APT DE BC DE, POB 8830 , Wilmington , DE , 19899-8830 800-342-2221

ARH IN BCBS of Indiana, POB 68416, Accordia NW , Indianapolis , IN , 46268 317-488-6000

ARR OH BC OH Anthem, 4361 Irwin Simpson Rd , Mason , OH , 45040 513-872-8100

ASA Indemnity CNY PO Box 4809 , Syracuse , NY , 13221 315-448-3735

ASH WNY BCBS WNY, Auto Nat’l Accts, POB 757 , Buffalo , NY , 14240-0757 800-462-7237

AST TN BCBS Of Tennessee, 801 Pine St , Chattanooga , TN , 37402 423-755-5600

ATT Empire Empire BC, POB 5020 , Middletown , NY , 10940 800-772-2875

AWR PA PA BS Highmark, POB 535045 , Pittsburgh , PA , 15253-5045 800-294-2217

AZO IL BC IL, POB 1364 , Chicago , IL , 60690-1364 800-637-6917

BAN WV BC Washington DC/Carefirst, 550 12th St SW , Washington , DC , 20065 800-642-2411

BBH PPO GA BCBS GA, POB 9907 , Columbus , GA , 31908 800-628-3988

BDC MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

BET PA BC PA, 120 Fifth Ave , Pittsburgh , PA , 15222-3099 412-544-7000

BFM PA BC PA Highmark, POB 176 , Pittsburgh , PA , 15230-0176 866-316-6339

BGH AL BCBS of Alabama, POB 995 , Birmingham , AL , 35298 205-988-2213

BGP MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

BHP PA BC PA, POB 778988 , Harrisburg , PA , 17177-8988 800-222-3341

BIM MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

BMI IN BCBS of Indiana, 120 Monument Circle , Indianapolis , IN , 46204 317-488-6000

BOG MI BC MI, POB 1618 , Detroit , MI , 48231 800-462-7237

BRH TX BCBS of TX, POB 655730 , Dallas , TX , 75265-5730

BRI MA BC MA, PO Box 9198 , N Quincy , MA , 02171-9198 800-451-8123

BRV MI BC MI, PO Box 166 , Detroit , MI , 48231-0166 800-249-5103

BUR Indemnity CNY PO Box 4809 , Syracuse , NY , 13221 315-448-3735

Sample BCBS prefix list

We cant decide Blue cross Blue shield members state just by looking first alpha prefix. Also its not a sequential order hence its hard to find unless we check with first 3 alpha prefix. Use search function and put your comment any alpha prefix not found here.

Prefix Plan Name

AAA BCBS of Alabama
AAB BCBS of Michigan
AAK Anthem Blue Cross of California
AAN Anthem Blue Cross of California
AAP BCBS of Tennessee
AAQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AAS Anthem Blue Cross of California
AAT Anthem Blue Cross of California
AAU Blue Shield of California
AAX Anthem Blue Cross of California
AAY Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
AAZ Anthem Blue Cross of California
ABC BCBS of Alabama
ABD Blue Shield of California
ABE BCBS Minnesota
ABF Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
ABG BCBS of Georgia
ABI BCBS Minnesota
ABJ BCBS Minnesota
ABK Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ABN Anthem BCBS of Virginia
ABQ Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)
ABR Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ABT Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ABU BCBS Minnesota
ABV Anthem BCBS of Ohio
ABW Anthem BCBS of Virginia
CUQ Blue Shield of California
CUR Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
CUU BCBS of Texas
CUW Anthem Blue Cross of California
CUZ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CVA Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CVB BCBS of Florida
CVC Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CVG BCBS of Florida
CVJ BCBS of Florida
CVK BCBS of Florida
CVM Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CVP Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CVQ BCBS of Georgia
CVT Anthem Blue Cross of California
CVV Anthem Blue Cross of California
CVY BCBS of Louisiana
CVZ Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
CWA Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC
CWB BCBS of Georgia
CWE BCBS of Michigan
CWF BCBS of Georgia
CWH Anthem Blue Cross of California
CWI Blue Shield of California
CWJ BCBS of Alabama
CWN Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC
CWQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CWR Anthem Blue Cross of California
ABY Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ABZ Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ACA BCBS of Alabama
ACD BCBS of Michigan
ACH Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ACK Anthem Blue Cross of California
ACL Anthem Blue Cross of California
ACQ BCBS of Georgia
ACR Anthem Blue Cross of California
ACU Anthem Blue Cross of California
ACV BCBS of Georgia
ADA Anthem Blue Cross of California
ADD Anthem BCBS of Ohio

ADF Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
ADG Anthem BCBS of Ohio
ADI Anthem Blue Cross of California
ADJ Anthem BCBS of Missouri
ADL Anthem BCBS Kentucky
ADQ Independence Blue Cross
ADT BCBS Minnesota
ADW Carefirst BCBS Maryland
ADY BCBS of South Carolina
AEA BCBS of Texas
AEG Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AEJ Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
AEK Independence Blue Cross
AEM Highmark BCBS
AEP Carefirst BCBS Maryland
AEQ BCBS of Michigan
AES BCBS of Alabama
AET Anthem Blue Cross of California
AEV Keystone Health Plan East (IBC)
AEZ Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
AFA Anthem BCBS of Virginia
AFB BCBS of South Carolina
AFG BCBS of Nebraska
AFI BCBS of Rhode Island
AFL Anthem Blue Cross of California
AFM BCBS Minnesota
Blue Advantage Administrators of
AFO Arkanasa
AFP Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AFS Blue Shield of California
AFZ Anthem Blue Cross of California
AGB Excellus BCBS
AGC BCBS Kansas City
AGE Independence Blue Cross
AGF Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CYJ Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
CYK BCBS of Georgia
CYN Highmark BCBS
CYV Anthem BCBS of Missouri
CYW Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CYY Premera Blue Cross of Washington
CZB Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
CZC Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CZE Anthem Blue Cross of California
CZF BCBS of Rhode Island
CZG Premera Blue Cross of Washington
CZJ Premera Blue Cross of Washington
CZK Anthem BCBS of Virginia
CZM Highmark BCBS
CZO Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CZP Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CZQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

CZR Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
CZU Anthem Blue Cross of California
CZV BCBS of Alabama
CZW BCBS of North Carolina
CZX Anthem BCBS of Ohio
CZY BCBS of North Carolina
CZZ Highmark BCBS
DAC BCBS of Tennessee
DAD Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AGG Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AGH Anthem Blue Cross of California
AGL Premera Blue Cross of Washington
AGR Anthem BCBS of Colorado
AGS Anthem Blue Cross of California
AGT Blue Shield of California
AGU Carefirst BCBS Maryland
AGX Anthem BCBS of Virginia
AGY BCBS of South Carolina
AHB Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AHC Anthem BCBS of Missouri
AHD BCBS of South Carolina
AHI BCBS of Rhode Island
AHJ Independence Blue Cross
AHK Anthem Blue Cross of California
AHO BCBS of Tennessee
AHQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AHX Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
AIA BCBS of Texas
AID Anthem BCBS of Ohio
AIE BCBS of Michigan
AIH Anthem Blue Cross of California
AII BCBS of Louisiana
DAU Anthem BCBS of Missouri
DBT BCBS of Michigan
DCY BCBS of Florida
DHA Excellus BCBS – Utica
DHP Excellus BCBS
DJC Anthem BCBS of Ohio
DJD BCBS of Nebraska
DJE BCBS of Alabama
DJF Anthem BCBS of Virginia
DJG Anthem BCBS of Ohio
DJH Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
DJJ Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
DJM BCBS of Texas
DJN BCBS Minnesota
DJP BCBS of Nebraska
DJQ Anthem Blue Cross of California
DJR Anthem BCBS of Ohio
DJS Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)
DJT BCBS Minnesota
DJU Carefirst BCBS Maryland
DJW Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
DJY Anthem BCBS of Ohio
DKA Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
DKB Highmark BCBS
DKC BCBS of Texas
DKD Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota

ECK Premera Blue Cross of Washington

ECN Anthem BCBS of Ohio


EEA Excellus BCBS- Rochester

EET Excellus BCBS- Rochester

EEZ Anthem BCBS of Colorado

EFM Anthem BCBS of Colorado

EFR Anthem BCBS of Missouri

EGE Anthem BCBS of Missouri

EHF New England Health Plan

EHG New England Health Plan

EHH New England Health Plan

EHJ New England Health Plan

EHW Anthem BCBS of Missouri

EIK Excellus BCBS


EKF Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKG Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKH Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKJ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKL Premera Blue Cross of Washington

EKM Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKR Carefirst BCBS Maryland

EKS Highmark BCBS

EKU Anthem BCBS of Ohio

EKW Highmark BCBS

EKX Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota

EKY Anthem BCBS of Ohio

BDU BCBS of Tennessee

BDV BCBS of Georgia

BDW Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

BDY Anthem BCBS of Ohio

Healthcare Admistrators -Regence Blue

AWA Shield of WA

BEC BCBS of Michigan

BEE BCBS Minnesota

BEF BCBS of Michigan

BEI BCBS of Michigan

BEJ BCBS of Texas

BEK BCBS of Alabama



BEO Anthem Blue Cross of California

BER Anthem BCBS of Ohio

BES Excellus BCBS- Rochester

BET Highmark BCBS

BEU BCBS of Florida

BEV Anthem Blue Cross of California

BEZ Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota

BFA BCBS Minnesota

BFB BCBS of Louisiana

BFC Anthem BCBS of Ohio

BFD Anthem BCBS of Ohio

BFE BCBS of Tennessee

BFF BCBS of Tennessee

BFG BCBS of Texas

BFH Carefirst BCBS Maryland

BFL BCBS of Florida

BFM Highmark BCBS

FBF Anthem BCBS of Virginia

FBG BCBS Minnesota

FBH Anthem Blue Cross of California

FBI BCBS of Alabama

FBJ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

FBO BCBS Minnesota

FBP BCBS of Michigan

FBQ BCBS of Nebraska

FBR BCBS of North Carolina

FBS BCBS of Florida


FBW Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)

FBX Anthem BCBS of Missouri

FBZ BCBS of Michigan

FCA Anthem BCBS of Ohio


FCC Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota


FCE Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC

FCF Carefirst BCBS Maryland

FCG Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC

FCH BCBS of South Carolina

FCI BCBS Minnesota

FCJ Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)

FCN Anthem BCBS of Missouri

FCP Capital Blue Cross

FCQ BCBS Minnesota


FCT Capital Blue Cross


FCV Anthem BCBS of Ohio

FCW Anthem BCBS of Missouri

CHS BCBS of North Carolina

CHT BCBS of Tennessee



CHY BCBS of South Carolina

CHZ BCBS Minnesota



CIC Carefirst BCBS Maryland

CID BCBS of North Carolina

CIE Excellus BCBS – Syracuse


CIG BCBS of Georgia

CII BCBS of Georgia

CIJ Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)

CIM Blue Shield of California


CIO Capital Blue Cross

CIP BCBS of Alabama

CIR Premera Blue Cross of Washington

CIU Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)

CIV Capital Blue Cross

CIX Anthem BCBS of Missouri

CIY Blue Cross of Idaho (Boise)


CJC Anthem BCBS of Ohio


CJG BCBS Kansas City

CJH Anthem BCBS of Ohio


GAG BCBS of Texas

GAH Excellus BCBS- Rochester

GAI BCBS of Michigan

GAK BCBS of North Carolina



GAO BCBS of Michigan

GAP BCBS of Alabama

GAR Anthem BCBS of Virginia

GAT BCBS of Alabama

GAV Anthem BCBS Kentucky

GAY Anthem BCBS of Ohio

GBB Anthem BCBS of Ohio

GBD BCBS of Rhode Island

GBE BCBS of Michigan

GBF Highmark BCBS

GBG BCBS of Michigan


GBI BCBS of Georgia

GBJ Highmark BCBS

GBK Blue Shield of California

GBN Highmark BCBS

GBP Healthnow of NY – Buffalo

GBQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

GBR Anthem BCBS of Ohio

GBS BCBS Minnesota

GBT Healthnow of NY – Buffalo

GBU Anthem Blue Cross of California

GBX BCBS of South Carolina

GBY Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC

GBZ BCBS of South Carolina


HBC Highmark BCBS

HBF Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HBG Carefirst BCBS Maryland

HBH Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HBI Anthem BCBS of Ohio

Blue Advantage Administrators of

HBJ Arkansas

HBK Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HBL Anthem BCBS of Missouri

HBM Horizon BCBS of New Jersey


HBS Anthem BCBS of Ohio

HBT BCBS of Texas

HBX Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HBY Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HBZ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

HCA Comprehensive Care Services of MN

HCC Anthem BCBS of Ohio

HCE Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HCJ Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HCO Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HCP Anthem Blue Cross of California

HCQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

HCU BCBS of Tennessee

HCW Horizon BCBS of New Jersey

HDB Anthem BCBS of California

HDD BCBS Minnesota

HDE BCBS of Tennessee

HDG BCBS of Mississippi

HDL Anthem Blue Cross of California

HDN Anthem BCBS of Ohio

HDO BCBS of Georgia

RGP Carefirst BCBS Maryland

RGQ Anthem BCBS of Virginia

RGR Carefirst BCBS Maryland

RGT BCBS of Alabama

RGX Anthem BCBS of Virginia

RGZ Anthem BCBS of Ohio

RHA BCBS of North Carolina

RHB Anthem Blue Cross of California

RHC BCBS of Georgia

RHD Anthem Blue Cross of California

RHE Anthem BCBS of Ohio

RHF Anthem Blue Cross of California

RHG BCBS Kansas City

RHH BCBS of North Carolina

RHI Anthem BCBS of Missouri

RHJ BCBS of South Carolina

RHL Highmark BCBS

RHM Highmark BCBS

RHN Highmark BCBS

RHQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

RHR Anthem Blue Cross of California

RHU Anthem BCBS of Virginia

RHV Highmark BCBS

RHW Anthem BCBS of Ohio

RHX Horizon BCBS of New Jersey


RHZ BCBS of Nebraska

RIA Anthem Blue Cross of California

RIB BCBS of Rhode Island

RIC Anthem BCBS of Virginia

RID BCBS of Rhode Island

RIF BCBS of Florida

WXD Regence BCBS of Oregon
WXE Anthem Blue Cross of California
WXH BCBS of South Carolina
WXJ Anthem BCBS of Missouri
WXK Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
WXM Highmark BCBS
WXP BCBS of South Carolina
WXR Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC
WXS BCBS of Tennessee
WXT Blue Shield of California
WXU Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC
WXV BCBS of Michigan
WXW Blue Shield of California
WXX Blue Shield of California
WXY Anthem Blue Cross of California
WXZ BCBS of South Carolina
WYA BCBS of Michigan
WYC Anthem Blue Cross of California
WYE Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
WYF Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
WYG BCBS of Georgia
WYK Anthem BCBS of Virginia
WYL Anthem Blue Cross of California
WYM Anthem BCBS of Ohio
WYN BCBS of Georgia
WYQ BCBS of Georgia
WYS BCBS of Alabama
WYW BCBS Minnesota
PQT Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PQU Anthem Blue Cross of California
PQV Anthem Blue Cross of California
PQZ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PRA BCBS of Alabama
PRE Anthem BCBS of Virginia
PRI BCBS of Michigan
PRJ BCBS of Georgia
PRM Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PRO Carefirst BCBS Maryland
PRQ BCBS of Michigan
PRR Anthem Blue Cross of California
PRW Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PRX BCBS of Alabama
PRY Anthem Blue Cross of California
PSB BCBS of Texas
PSC BCBS of Michigan
PSE Blue Shield of California
PSF Anthem BCBS of Virginia
PSH Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PSK Health Now of NY – Albany
PSL BCBS of South Carolina
PSM Independence Blue Cross
PSO Blue Shield of California
PSP BCBS of South Carolina
PSQ BCBS of Michigan
PSS BCBS of Alabama
PSU BCBS of Michigan
XBC BCBS of Arizona
XBF BCBS of Arizona
XBH BCBS of Arizona
XBK BCBS of Arizona
XBL BCBS of Arizona
XBM BCBS of Arizona
XBP BCBS of Arizona
XBS BCBS of Arizona
XCA Arkansas BCBS
Blue Advantage Administrators of
XCC Arkansas
XCE Arkansas BCBS
Blue Advantage Administrators of
XCF Arkansas
XCH BCBS of Arkansas
XCJ Arkansas BCBS
XCM Arkansas BCBS
XCN Arkansas BCBS
XCP Arkansas BCBS
Blue Advantage Administrators of
XCT Arkansas
Blue Advantage Administrators of
XCU Arkansas
XCW Arkansas BCBS
XCX Arkansas BCBS
XDA Anthem Blue Cross of California
XDB Anthem Blue Cross of California
XDC Anthem Blue Cross of California
XDD Anthem Blue Cross of California
XDE Anthem Blue Cross of California
XDF Anthem Blue Cross of California
PXJ BCBS of South Carolina
PXN Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
PXO BCBS of Arizona
PXP Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
PXQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PXR Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
PXT Anthem Blue Cross of California
PXV BCBS of Alabama
PXY Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PXZ Premera Blue Cross of Washington
PYC BCBS of South Carolina
PYD Anthem Blue Cross of California
PYE Anthem Blue Cross of California
PYF Premera Blue Cross of Washington
PYH Carefirst BCBS Maryland
PYI Regence Blue Shield of Washington
PYJ BCBS of Michigan
PYK Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PYL Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
PYO BCBS of North Carolina
PYQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
PYR Anthem Blue Cross of California
PYU BCBS of Georgia
PYV BCBS of Georgia
PYW BCBS of Georgia
QFC Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFD Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFG Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFI Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFM Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFO Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFT Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
QFZ Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
RAA BCBS of Texas
RAC Anthem BCBS of Ohio
RAE Independence Blue Cross
RAJ Blue Shield of California
RAO BCBS of Kansas
RAQ Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
RAR Anthem BCBS of Nevada
RAV Carefirst BCBS – Washington DC
RAW BCBS of Georgia
RAX Healthnow of NY – Buffalo
RAZ Blue Shield of California
RBA Anthem Blue Cross of California
RBB Anthem BCBS of Ohio
RBC BCBS of Tennessee
RBE BCBS of Tennessee
RBF BCBS Minnesota
RBH Anthem BCBS of Ohio
RBK BCBS of Florida
RBL Anthem Blue Cross of California
RBO BCBS of Georgia
RBP BCBS Minnesota
RBQ Anthem BCBS of Ohio
RBU BCBS of Georgia
YMA Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMB Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMC Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YME Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMF Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMG Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMK Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMM Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMP Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMR Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMS Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMV Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMX Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YMZ Excellus BCBS- Rochester
YNA Excellus BCBS – Syracuse
YNF Excellus BCBS – Syracuse
YNT Excellus BCBS – Syracuse
YNY Excellus BCBS – Syracuse
YNZ Excellus BCBS – Syracuse
YOP Excellus BCBS – Utica
YOT Excellus BCBS – Utica
YOU Excellus BCBS – Utica
YOY Excellus BCBS – Utica
YOZ Excellus BCBS – Utica
YPA BCBS of North Carolina
YPB BCBS of North Carolina
YPC BCBS of North Carolina
YPD BCBS of North Carolina
YPE BCBS of North Carolina
YPF BCBS of North Carolina
YPH BCBS of North Carolina
YRT Anthem BCBS of Ohio
YTA Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTC Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTD Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTE Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTF Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTG Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTH Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTI Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTJ Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTK Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTL Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTM Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTP Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTT Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTV Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YTX Anthem BCBS of Virginia
YUA BCBS of Oklahoma
YUB BCBS of Oklahoma
YUD BCBS of Oklahoma
YUF BCBS of Oklahoma
YUH BCBS of Oklahoma
YUJ BCBS of Oklahoma
YUK BCBS of Oklahoma
YUN BCBS of Oklahoma
YUP BCBS of Oklahoma
YUR BCBS of Oklahoma
YUS BCBS of Oklahoma
YUZ BCBS of Oklahoma
YVA Regence BCBS of Oregon
YVB Regence BCBS of Oregon
ZVC Regence BCBS of Oregon
ZVE Regence BCBS of Oregon
ZXD BCBS of Tennessee
ZXE BCBS of Tennessee
ZXG BCBS of Tennessee
ZXK BCBS of Tennessee
ZXL BCBS of Tennessee
ZXW BCBS of Tennessee
ZYC Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZYH Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZYM Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZYR Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZYS Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZYW Wellmark BCBS Iowa/South Dakota
ZZE BCBS of Michigan
ZZL BCBS of Michigan
ZZN BCBS of Michigan
ZZS BCBS of Michigan
ZWV Health Now of NY – Albany
ZWX Health Now of NY – Albany

AAF Regence Blue Shield

AAJ Regence Blue Shield

ACF Premera Blue Cross

ACQ Premera Blue Cross

ACU Premera Blue Cross

AFQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

AGL Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

AHC Premera Blue Cross

AIQ Premera Blue Cross

AJJ Premera Blue Cross

AJX Premera Blue Cross

AKJ Regence BCBS of Oregon

AKR Regence BCBS of Oregon

AKU Regence BCBS of Oregon

ALC Regence BCBS of Oregon

ALD Premera Blue Cross

ALH Premera Blue Cross

ALK Premera Blue Cross

ALV Premera Blue Cross

AMK Premera Blue Cross

AOK Regence BCBS of Oregon

APE Regence Blue Shield

AQB Premera Blue Cross

AQJ Premera Blue Cross

AQT Premera Blue Cross

AQV Regence BCBS of Utah

AUY Premera Blue Cross

AVL Premera Blue Cross

AVN Premera Blue Cross

AVV Premera Blue Cross

AWA Regence Blue Shield

AWB Premera Blue Cross

AWJ Premera Blue Cross

AWQ Regence BCBS of Utah

AYS Premera Blue Cross

AZJ Premera Blue Cross

AZX Regence BCBS of Oregon

BBC Premera Blue Cross

BBD HCSC (Illinois)

BBE HCSC (Illinois)

BBJ Premera Blue Cross

BCC Premera Blue Cross

BCT Regence BCBS of Utah

BCU HCSC (Illinois)

BCZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

BEM HCSC (Illinois)

BES Premera Blue Cross

BGE Premera Blue Cross

BGS Premera Blue Cross

BHP HCSC (Illinois)

BIK Regence Blue Shield

BIP Regence BCBS of Oregon

BKD Premera Blue Cross

BKH Premera Blue Cross

BMP Regence Blue Shield

BOR Premera Blue Cross

BPX Regence BCBS of Oregon

BQB Regence Blue Shield

BQD Regence BCBS of Utah

BRJ Premera Blue Cross

BRR Regence Blue Shield

BSR Premera Blue Cross

BTG Premera Blue Cross

BTI Regence Blue Shield

BTQ Regence Blue Shield

BTV Regence BCBS of Oregon

BVE Premera Blue Cross

BVR Premera Blue Cross

BWX Regence BCBS of Oregon

BXM Regence BCBS of Utah

BYQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

BYR HCSC (Illinois)

BYW Regence BCBS of Oregon

BZB Premera Blue Cross

BZK Premera Blue Cross

BZQ Premera Blue Cross

CAQ Premera Blue Cross

CAV Premera Blue Cross

CBJ Premera Blue Cross

CFE Premera Blue Cross

CFX Premera Blue Cross

CIR Premera Blue Cross

CIS Regence BCBS of Oregon

CJJ Premera Blue Cross

CJW Regence BCBS of Oregon

CKN Regence BCBS of Utah

CKU Regence BCBS of Utah

CKZ Premera Blue Cross

CLR Premera Blue Cross

CMQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

CNA Premera Blue Cross

COI Regence Blue Shield

CPK Regence Blue Shield

CQH Regence Blue Shield

CRS Premera Blue Cross

CSU Regence BCBS of Utah

CTT Premera Blue Cross

CTW Premera Blue Cross

CUY Regence Blue Shield

CVL Regence BCBS of Oregon

CXF Premera Blue Cross

CYE Regence BCBS of Utah

CYV Regence Blue Shield

CYY Premera Blue Cross

CYZ Regence Blue Shield

CZJ Premera Blue Cross

DAA Regence BCBS of Utah

DAU Premera Blue Cross

DBH Premera Blue Cross

DBP Premera Blue Cross

DDW Regence BCBS of Utah

DEN Premera Blue Cross

DGG Regence Blue Shield

DGM Regence BCBS of Oregon

DHT Regence Blue Shield

DIJ Regence Blue Shield

DJA Regence Blue Shield

DMK Regence BCBS of Utah

DSO Regence Blue Shield

DTK Regence BCBS of Oregon

DWN Regence Blue Shield

DXK Premera Blue Cross

DYN Premera Blue Cross

EAE Regence BCBS of Oregon

ECK Premera Blue Cross

ECW Regence BCBS of Utah

EDM Premera Blue Cross

EGN Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

EGU Regence BCBS of Oregon

EGZ Premera Blue Cross

EIQ Premera Blue Cross

EKN Premera Blue Cross

EMY Premera Blue Cross

EOX Premera Blue Cross

ERB Premera Blue Cross

ERC Regence BCBS of Oregon

ERE Premera Blue Cross

ESO Regence BCBS of Utah

ETE Premera Blue Cross

EUG Regence Blue Shield

EVE Premera Blue Cross

EVG Regence BCBS of Oregon

EVN Regence BCBS of Oregon

EXD Premera Blue Cross

EXZ Premera Blue Cross

EZB Regence Blue Shield

EZD Premera Blue Cross

FBT Regence BCBS of Oregon

FBV Regence Blue Shield

FDP Regence BCBS of Oregon

FEI Regence BCBS of Oregon

FFY Regence BCBS of Oregon

FHT Regence BCBS of Oregon

FHU Premera Blue Cross

FIT Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

FJH Regence BCBS of Utah

FKK Premera Blue Cross

FMR Premera Blue Cross

FNN Regence BCBS of Oregon

FOA Premera Blue Cross

FRE Premera Blue Cross

FRJ Premera Blue Cross

FSH Premera Blue Cross

FSI Regence BCBS of Utah

FSR Premera Blue Cross

FTI Regence BCBS of Oregon

FVA Regence BCBS of Oregon

FZW Premera Blue Cross

GDF Premera Blue Cross

GFK Regence Blue Shield

GFU Premera Blue Cross

GGE Premera Blue Cross

GHD Premera Blue Cross

GHE Regence Blue Shield

GKZ Regence BCBS of Utah

GNI Regence BCBS of Oregon

GOE Regence BCBS of Utah

GOU Premera Blue Cross

GQA Regence BCBS of Utah

GQJ Premera Blue Cross

GQL Premera Blue Cross

GQN Premera Blue Cross

GQS Regence BCBS of Utah

GTN Premera Blue Cross

GTT Regence Blue Shield

GUJ Premera Blue Cross

GVK Regence Blue Shield

GVQ Premera Blue Cross

GVY Premera Blue Cross

GWJ Premera Blue Cross

GXQ Regence BCBS of Utah

GZN Regence Blue Shield

GZS Regence BCBS of Oregon

GZZ Regence Blue Shield

HBO Regence BCBS of Utah

HCS Regence BCBS of Oregon

HFL Regence Blue Shield

HFT Regence Blue Shield

HGI Regence Blue Shield

HGO Regence Blue Shield

HIZ Regence BCBS of Utah

HKS Regence Blue Shield

HLC Premera Blue Cross

HLD Premera Blue Cross

HLU Premera Blue Cross

HMS Premera Blue Cross

HND Regence BCBS of Oregon

HNU Regence BCBS of Utah

HOP Premera Blue Cross

HQQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

HQW Regence BCBS of Utah

HRK Premera Blue Cross

HRN Premera Blue Cross

HRS Premera Blue Cross

HRZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

HSP Premera Blue Cross

HTS Premera Blue Cross

HUL Premera Blue Cross

HWS Regence BCBS of Utah

HWY Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

HXR Premera Blue Cross

HXY Regence Blue Shield

HYA Premera Blue Cross

HZJ Premera Blue Cross

HZR Premera Blue Cross

HZU Premera Blue Cross

IBQ Regence Blue Shield

IBZ Regence Blue Shield

IEH Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

IFL Regence BCBS of Oregon

IIH Regence BCBS of Utah

ILK Regence Blue Shield

ILS Premera Blue Cross

IMF Regence BCBS of Utah

INB Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

INM Regence BCBS of Oregon

INQ Regence Blue Shield

IQA Premera Blue Cross

ISB Premera Blue Cross

ITU Regence BCBS of Utah

ITX Regence BCBS of Oregon

IUG Premera Blue Cross

IUV Regence BCBS of Utah

IVT Regence BCBS of Oregon

JCD Regence BCBS of Oregon

JCN Premera Blue Cross

JDE Regence BCBS of Utah

JED Premera Blue Cross

JFF Premera Blue Cross

JJA Regence Blue Shield

JJC Regence Blue Shield

JNB Premera Blue Cross

JNO Regence Blue Shield

JNQ Premera Blue Cross

JPD Regence Blue Shield

JSQ Premera Blue Cross

JTJ Regence Blue Shield

JTN Premera Blue Cross

JVF Regence BCBS of Oregon

JYG Premera Blue Cross

JYS Premera Blue Cross

KAV Regence Blue Shield

KBG Regence Blue Shield

KBR Premera Blue Cross

KCD Regence Blue Shield

KCQ Premera Blue Cross

KCT Regence BCBS of Oregon

KEY Regence Blue Shield

KFB Regence Blue Shield

KFY Premera Blue Cross

KHS Premera Blue Cross

KIN Regence Blue Shield

KIR Regence Blue Shield

KLZ Premera Blue Cross

KPF Regence Blue Shield

KQK Premera Blue Cross

KQT Regence BCBS of Oregon

KQU Premera Blue Cross

KSB Regence BCBS of Utah

KTN Premera Blue Cross

KTQ Premera Blue Cross

KUN Regence BCBS of Oregon

KVS Premera Blue Cross

KWV Regence Blue Shield

KWX Regence Blue Shield

KXM Premera Blue Cross

KXR Premera Blue Cross

KYT Premera Blue Cross

LAD Regence BCBS of Oregon

LBG Premera Blue Cross

LBO Premera Blue Cross

LBR Premera Blue Cross

LBT Premera Blue Cross

LDA Regence BCBS of Utah

LEE Premera Blue Cross

LEQ Premera Blue Cross

LHK Premera Blue Cross

LHU Regence BCBS of Oregon

LIT Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

LIY Premera Blue Cross

LKG Premera Blue Cross

LLJ Premera Blue Cross

LMG Regence BCBS of Oregon

LMI Regence BCBS of Utah

LMT Regence BCBS of Oregon

LMU Regence BCBS of Utah

LPS Premera Blue Cross

LPT Regence BCBS of Oregon

LQL Premera Blue Cross

LRR Premera Blue Cross

LSL Regence BCBS of Oregon

LTF Regence BCBS of Oregon

LTS Regence Blue Shield

LUR Premera Blue Cross

LVB Regence BCBS of Oregon

LVG Regence BCBS of Oregon

LVN Premera Blue Cross

LVR Regence BCBS of Utah

LXZ Premera Blue Cross

LYD Premera Blue Cross

LYM Regence BCBS of Oregon

LZY Premera Blue Cross

MAA Regence BCBS of Oregon

MAD Premera Blue Cross

MBJ Regence Blue Shield

MCE Premera Blue Cross

MDH Premera Blue Cross

MFF Regence Blue Shield

MFP Regence Blue Shield

MGD Premera Blue Cross

MGT Regence BCBS of Oregon

MHO Regence Blue Shield

MIN Premera Blue Cross

MJG Premera Blue Cross

MKU Premera Blue Cross

MLY Premera Blue Cross

MMD Premera Blue Cross

MNW Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

MNY Premera Blue Cross

MOH Regence BCBS of Oregon

MOR Premera Blue Cross

MRB Regence BCBS of Oregon

MSI Regence BCBS of Oregon

MSJ Premera Blue Cross

MSP Premera Blue Cross

MSQ Premera Blue Cross

MST Premera Blue Cross

MTD Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

MTU Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

MUG Premera Blue Cross

MVD Premera Blue Cross

MXZ Premera Blue Cross

MYB Regence Blue Shield

MYV Regence BCBS of Utah

NAS Regence Blue Shield

NAY Premera Blue Cross

NBX Premera Blue Cross

NCT Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

NCW Premera Blue Cross

NCZ Premera Blue Cross

NEX Regence BCBS of Oregon

NFK Premera Blue Cross

NFX Premera Blue Cross

NKZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

NLQ Premera Blue Cross

NLX Premera Blue Cross

NLZ Premera Blue Cross

NMI Regence BCBS of Oregon

NNQ Premera Blue Cross

NNT Premera Blue Cross

NNY Premera Blue Cross

NOX Regence Blue Shield

NPB Regence BCBS of Oregon

NPV Regence BCBS of Oregon

NPW Premera Blue Cross

NQC Regence BCBS of Utah

NQF Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

NQN Premera Blue Cross

NRB Premera Blue Cross

NRH Premera Blue Cross

NRL Premera Blue Cross

NRS Premera Blue Cross

NSW Regence BCBS of Oregon

NTE Premera Blue Cross

NTF Premera Blue Cross

NTT Regence BCBS of Oregon

NUJ Premera Blue Cross

NVH Premera Blue Cross

NVU Premera Blue Cross

NWB Premera Blue Cross

NWH Regence Blue Shield

NWK Premera Blue Cross

NWR Regence BCBS of Oregon

NWV Premera Blue Cross

NXL Premera Blue Cross

NXT Premera Blue Cross

NXW Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

NXX Premera Blue Cross

NZS Regence BCBS of Oregon

OBJ Premera Blue Cross

OCN Regence BCBS of Utah

OER Regence BCBS of Oregon

OGM Premera Blue Cross

OGY Premera Blue Cross

OJW Regence BCBS of Utah

OLG Premera Blue Cross

ORS Regence Blue Shield

OUA Regence BCBS of Oregon

OUF Regence BCBS of Oregon

OVH Premera Blue Cross

OWC Regence BCBS of Oregon

OXB Regence BCBS of Utah

OXM Premera Blue Cross

PAI Premera Blue Cross

PAZ Premera Blue Cross

PBF Premera Blue Cross

PBQ Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

PBV Premera Blue Cross

PCM Premera Blue Cross

PEY Premera Blue Cross

PFD Premera Blue Cross

PFP Premera Blue Cross

PFM Regence Blue Shield

PHD Regence BCBS of Oregon

PJB Regence Blue Shield

PJE Regence BCBS of Oregon

PKC Premera Blue Cross

PKO Premera Blue Cross

PLK Premera Blue Cross

PMT Premera Blue Cross

PMV Regence BCBS of Utah

PNC Premera Blue Cross

PNQ Premera Blue Cross

PNT Premera Blue Cross

PNV Regence Blue Shield

PON Premera Blue Cross

PPB Premera Blue Cross

PPL Regence BCBS of Oregon

PPS Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

PQA Premera Blue Cross

PQF Premera Blue Cross

PQH Premera Blue Cross

PQL Regence BCBS of Oregon

PQP Premera Blue Cross

PQT Regence BCBS of Oregon

PRG Regence Blue Shield

PRT Regence BCBS of Oregon

PSU Premera Blue Cross

PUL Premera Blue Cross

PUX Premera Blue Cross

PVZ Regence BCBS of Utah

PWC Regence BCBS of Utah

PWZ Premera Blue Cross

PXE Premera Blue Cross

PXZ Premera Blue Cross

PYF Premera Blue Cross

PYW Premera Blue Cross

QAD Regence BCBS of Oregon

QAH Premera Blue Cross

QAL Regence BCBS of Utah

QBV Premera Blue Cross

QEI Regence BCBS of Oregon

QEN Premera Blue Cross

QEV Premera Blue Cross

QFP Premera Blue Cross

QHR Premera Blue Cross

QHU Premera Blue Cross

QIV Regence BCBS of Utah

QLH Premera Blue Cross

QLV Regence Blue Shield

QLY Regence Blue Shield

QML Premera Blue Cross

QMY Regence BCBS of Oregon

QNS Regence BCBS of Oregon

QPJ Regence BCBS of Utah

QPN Regence Blue Shield

QPU Regence Blue Shield

QQD Regence Blue Shield

QQE Regence Blue Shield

QQF Regence BCBS of Utah

QQR Regence BCBS of Oregon

QQS Regence BCBS of Utah

QQT Regence Blue Shield

QSP Regence BCBS of Utah

QSR Regence BCBS of Utah

QSX Premera Blue Cross

QSY Premera Blue Cross

QTG Regence Blue Shield

QTH Premera Blue Cross

QTM Regence BCBS of Oregon

QTN Regence Blue Shield

QTV Premera Blue Cross

QUK Regence BCBS of Utah

QUM Regence BCBS of Utah

QUS Regence BCBS of Utah

QVA Regence BCBS of Utah

QVF Regence BCBS of Utah

RCO Regence BCBS of Oregon

RDK Regence BCBS of Oregon

RDW Regence Blue Shield

RGJ Premera Blue Cross

RGO Regence BCBS of Oregon

RHL Premera Blue Cross

RHQ Regence Blue Shield

RII Regence BCBS of Utah

RIM Regence BCBS of Utah

RIX Premera Blue Cross

RJF Regence BCBS of Oregon

RMQ Premera Blue Cross

RMS Premera Blue Cross

RMT Regence Blue Shield

RNB Regence BCBS of Utah

ROB Regence Blue Shield

ROL Regence BCBS of Oregon

ROM Premera Blue Cross

RPA Regence BCBS of Oregon

RPM Premera Blue Cross

RQZ Premera Blue Cross

RRP Regence BCBS of Oregon

RRT Regence BCBS of Oregon

RUJ Premera Blue Cross

RUK Premera Blue Cross

RVR Premera Blue Cross

RWG Regence BCBS of Oregon

RZG Premera Blue Cross

RZX Premera Blue Cross

SAW Regence BCBS of Utah

SBJ Regence Blue Shield

SBU Premera Blue Cross

SCA Regence Blue Shield

SCI Regence BCBS of Oregon

SCL Premera Blue Cross

SCS Premera Blue Cross

SEA Premera Blue Cross

SFK Premera Blue Cross

SGL Regence Blue Shield

SHF Regence BCBS of Utah

SID Regence BCBS of Oregon

SKO Premera Blue Cross

SKZ Premera Blue Cross

SLH Premera Blue Cross

SLJ Regence BCBS of Utah

SLZ Regence Blue Shield

SNG Regence Blue Shield

SOA Regence BCBS of Utah

SQN Premera Blue Cross

SQP Regence BCBS of Utah

SRJ Regence BCBS of Oregon

SRU Premera Blue Cross

SSS Regence BCBS of Utah

SSZ Premera Blue Cross

STB Premera Blue Cross

STJ Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

SVC Premera Blue Cross

SVI Regence BCBS of Utah

SXN Regence Blue Shield

SXS Regence BCBS of Utah

SYZ Premera Blue Cross

SZB Regence BCBS of Oregon

SZR Premera Blue Cross

SZX Premera Blue Cross

TAH Premera Blue Cross

TAP Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

TAT Premera Blue Cross

TDT Premera Blue Cross

TFB Regence BCBS of Utah

TGO Regence BCBS of Oregon

THR Regence BCBS of Utah

TIM Regence BCBS of Oregon

TIV Regence BCBS of Utah

TJG Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

TKD Premera Blue Cross

TKF Regence Blue Shield

TMP Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

TMY Regence BCBS of Utah

TNG Regence BCBS of Oregon

TOG Regence Blue Shield

TQA Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

TQB Regence Blue Shield

TQR Regence Blue Shield

TRG Premera Blue Cross

TST Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

TSU Premera Blue Cross

TUG Premera Blue Cross

TUI Regence BCBS of Utah

TVF Regence Blue Shield

TVZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

TWI Regence Blue Shield

TWN Regence BCBS of Oregon

TWZ Regence BCBS of Utah

TXP Premera Blue Cross

TYA Premera Blue Cross

TZP Regence BCBS of Utah

TZS Premera Blue Cross

UAD Regence BCBS of Oregon

UCB Premera Blue Cross

UCS Regence Blue Shield

UDA Premera Blue Cross

UDV Premera Blue Cross

UDW Regence Blue Shield

UEO Regence BCBS of Utah

UIM Premera Blue Cross

UIV Premera Blue Cross

UJD Premera Blue Cross

UKR Premera Blue Cross

UJT Regence BCBS of Utah

ULD Premera Blue Cross

UMR Premera Blue Cross

UMX Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

UMZ Premera Blue Cross

UNN Premera Blue Cross

UOH Premera Blue Cross

UOS Premera Blue Cross

UPJ Premera Blue Cross

UQG Premera Blue Cross

UQI Regence Blue Shield

UQO Regence BCBS of Utah

UQZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

URF Regence Blue Shield

USB Regence BCBS of Utah

UUG Regence BCBS of Utah

UUK Regence BCBS of Utah

UXS Premera Blue Cross

UYJ Regence Blue Shield

VCN Premera Blue Cross

VCS Regence BCBS of Oregon

VDG Premera Blue Cross

VEN Premera Blue Cross

VEX Regence BCBS of Utah

VFI Regence BCBS of Utah

VFK Premera Blue Cross

VFN Premera Blue Cross

VFP Regence BCBS of Utah

VHP Premera Blue Cross

VLG Premera Blue Cross

VMT Premera Blue Cross

VMU Premera Blue Cross

VPC Regence Blue Shield

VPL Regence BCBS of Utah

VQI Premera Blue Cross

VSM Regence Blue Shield

VSY Premera Blue Cross

WAC Regence Blue Shield

WAF Premera Blue Cross

WAH Premera Blue Cross

WAI Regence Blue Shield

WAX Premera Blue Cross

WAZ Premera Blue Cross

WBG Regence Blue Shield

WBJ Premera Blue Cross

WBM Premera Blue Cross

WBP Regence Blue Shield

WCL Premera Blue Cross

WCP Regence BCBS of Oregon

WCY Regence Blue Shield

WDR Regence Blue Shield

WEB Regence BCBS of Oregon

WEU Premera Blue Cross

WEX Regence BCBS of Utah

WEY Premera Blue Cross

WFE Regence Blue Shield

WFT Premera Blue Cross

WFX Premera Blue Cross

WGA Premera Blue Cross

WGS Regence BCBS of Utah

WIH Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

WIP Regence BCBS of Oregon

WJA Premera Blue Cross

WKI Regence Blue Shield

WKL Premera Blue Cross

WLJ Premera Blue Cross

WNE Premera Blue Cross

WNI Regence BCBS of Oregon

WOB Premera Blue Cross

WOW Premera Blue Cross

WRL Regence BCBS of Utah

WRN Regence Blue Shield

WTC Premera Blue Cross

WTG Regence BCBS of Oregon

WTT Premera Blue Cross

WTU Premera Blue Cross

WTV Premera Blue Cross

WWD Regence BCBS of Oregon

WWI Premera Blue Cross

WWM Premera Blue Cross

WXA Premera Blue Cross

WYP Premera Blue Cross

WZH Premera Blue Cross

WZQ Regence Blue Shield

XHT Premera Blue Cross

XWT Premera Blue Cross

YAB Regence BCBS of Utah

YAL Regence BCBS of Utah

YCP Regence Blue Shield

YDW Premera Blue Cross

YMK Premera Blue Cross

YML Premera Blue Cross

YNT Premera Blue Cross

YOR Premera Blue Cross

YSJ Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

YSL Premera Blue Cross

YVA Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVB Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVC Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVD Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVF Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVG Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVH Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVL Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVM Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVN Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVO Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVP Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVR Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVS Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVT Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVU Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVV Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVW Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVX Regence BCBS of Oregon

YVZ Regence BCBS of Oregon

ZBT Regence Blue Shield

ZFF Premera Blue Cross/Shared Admin

ZHB Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHD Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHG Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHH Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHL Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHM Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHO Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHR Regence Blue Shield

ZHU Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHV Regence BCBS of Utah

ZHY Regence BCBS of Utah

ZJW Regence BCBS of Utah

ZKA Premera Blue Cross

ZKB Premera Blue Cross

ZKC Premera Blue Cross

ZKD Premera Blue Cross

ZKE Premera Blue Cross

ZKF Premera Blue Cross

ZKG Premera Blue Cross

ZKH Premera Blue Cross

ZKJ Premera Blue Cross

ZKK Premera Blue Cross

ZKL Premera Blue Cross

ZKM Premera Blue Cross

ZKN Premera Blue Cross

ZKP Premera Blue Cross

ZKQ Premera Blue Cross

ZKR Premera Blue Cross

ZKS Premera Blue Cross

ZKT Premera Blue Cross

ZKU Premera Blue Cross

ZKV Premera Blue Cross

ZKX Premera Blue Cross

ZKY Premera Blue Cross

ZKZ Premera Blue Cross

ZLA Regence Blue Shield

ZLB Regence Blue Shield

ZLC Regence Blue Shield

ZLD Regence Blue Shield

ZLE Regence Blue Shield

ZLF Regence Blue Shield

ZLG Regence Blue Shield

ZLH Regence Blue Shield

ZLJ Regence Blue Shield

ZLK Regence Blue Shield

ZLL Regence Blue Shield

ZLM Regence Blue Shield

ZLN Regence Blue Shield

ZLO Regence Blue Shield

ZLP Regence Blue Shield

ZLQ Regence Blue Shield

ZLR Regence Blue Shield

ZLS Regence Blue Shield

ZLU Regence Blue Shield

ZLV Regence Blue Shield

ZLW Regence Blue Shield

ZLY Regence Blue Shield

ZMD Regence BCBS of Oregon

ZNA Premera Blue Cross

ZNB Premera Blue Cross

ZNC Premera Blue Cross

ZNJ Premera Blue Cross

ZNK Premera Blue Cross

ZNN Premera Blue Cross

ZNP Premera Blue Cross

ZNQ Premera Blue Cross

ZNW Premera Blue Cross

ZNY Premera Blue Cross

ZNZ Premera Blue Cross

ZPZ Regence BCBS of Utah

ZRK Premera Blue Cross

ZRL Premera Blue Cross

ZSQ Regence BCBS of Oregon

ZTM Regence BCBS of Utah

ZVH Regence BCBS of Oregon

ZVJ Regence BCBS of Utah

ZVK Regence Blue Shield

ZVU Regence BCBS of Utah

ZVW Regence Blue Shield

ZVX Regence BCBS of Oregon

ZXJ Premera Blue Cross

ZXL Premera Blue Cross

ZXN Premera Blue Cross

ZXU Premera Blue Cross

ZXZ Premera Blue Cross

ZZM Premera Blue Cross

ZZN Premera Blue Cross

ZZP Premera Blue Cross

ZZQ Premera Blue Cross

ZZR Premera Blue Cross

ZZV Premera Blue Cross

ZZW Premera Blue Cross

ZZY Premera Blue Cross

YES – Traditional, Indemnity

YEP – BluePreferred (PPO)

YET – Supplemental to Medicare

YEM – HMO/POS business


AYA – Avaya, Inc.

BKE – The Buckle, Inc.

CAB – Cabela’s, Inc.

CFC – Commercial Federal Corp.

CHE – Chief Industries

CON – ConAgra, Inc.

CRT – Crete Carrier Corp.

DLR – DLR Group, Inc.

FFB – Father Flanagan’s

Boys Home


HPS – Gordman’s Inc. (formerly 1/2 Price Stores)

KBS – Kroger Baker’s Stores

LTI – Lucent Technologies

LZR – Lozier Corp.

MRS – Millard Refrigerated Services

NBK – Neb. Banker’s Association

NMC – Neb. Trucking Association

OCI – Omaha Construction Industry

PAC – The Pacesetter Corp.

PRM – Premier Industries

UCS – Neb. Health Systems

UPS – United Postal Service

WER – Werner Enterprises

WDM – Woodmen of the World

How to Identify Members 3.1.1 Member ID Cards

When members of Blue Plans arrive at your office or facility, be sure to ask them for their current Blue Plan membership identification card.

The main identifier for out-of-area members is the alpha prefix. The ID cards also may have:
** PPO in a suitcase logo, for eligible PPO members
** PPOB in a suitcase logo, for PPO members with access to the BlueCard PPO Basic network
** Blank, or empty suitcase logo

Important facts concerning member IDs:

** A correct member ID number includes the alpha prefix (first three positions) and all subsequent characters, up to 17 positions total. This means that you may see cards with ID numbers between six and 14 numbers/letters following the alpha prefix.
** Do not add/delete characters or numbers within the member ID.
** Do not change the sequence of the characters following the alpha prefix.
** The alpha prefix is critical for the electronic routing of specific HIPAA transactions to the appropriate Blue Plan.
** Members who are part of the FEP will have the letter “R” in front of their member ID number.

Examples of ID numbers:

As a provider servicing out-of-area members, you may find the following tips helpful:

** Ask the member for the most current ID card at every visit. Since new ID cards may be issued to members throughout the year, this will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information in your patient’s file.

** Verify with the member that the ID number on the card is not his/her Social Security Number. If it is, call the BlueCard Eligibility line 800-676-BLUE (2583) to verify the ID number.

** Make copies of the front and back of the member’s ID card and pass this key information on to your billing staff.

** Remember: Member ID numbers must be reported exactly as shown on the ID card and must not be changed or altered. Do not add or omit any characters from the member ID numbers. Alpha Prefix

The three-character alpha prefix at the beginning of the member’s identification number is the key element used to identify and correctly route claims. The alpha prefix identifies the Blue Plan or National Account to which the member belongs. It is critical for confirming a patient’s membership and coverage

To ensure accurate claim processing, it is critical to capture all ID card data. If the information is not captured correctly, you may experience a delay with the claim processing. Please make copies of the front and back of the ID card, and pass this key information to your billing staff. Do not make up alpha prefixes or assume that the member’s ID number is the Social Security Number. All Blue Plans replaced Social Security numbers on member ID cards with an alternate, unique identifier.

Identifying Members and ID Cards

1. How do I identify members ?

When members from Blue Plans arrive at your office or facility, be sure to ask them for their current Blue Plan membership identification card. The main identifier for out-of-area members is the alpha prefix. The ID cards may also have:

** PPO in a suitcase logo, for eligible PPO members
** PPOB in a suitcase logo, for PPO members with access to the BlueCard PPO Basic network
** Empty suitcase logo, for eligible Manage Care/POS, Traditional and Managed Care/HMO members

2. What is an “alpha prefix?” The three-character alpha prefix at the beginning of the member’s identification number is the key element used to identify and correctly route claims. The alpha prefix identifies the Blue Plan or National Account to which the member belongs. It is critical for confirming a patient’s membership and coverage.

3. What do I do if a member has an identification card without an alpha prefix ?

Some members may carry outdated identification cards that may not have an alpha prefix.

Please request a current ID card from the member.

4. How do I identify BlueCard Managed Care/POS members?

You can recognize Managed Care/POS members who are enrolled in out-of-area networks through the member identification card as you do for all other BlueCard members. The Identification cards will include:

** The three-character alpha prefix at the beginning of the member’s ID number
** A local network identifier, (for example, BlueMark)
** The empty suitcase logo

How do I identify international members?

Occasionally, you may see identification cards from members residing abroad or foreign Blue Plan members. These ID cards also will contain three-character alpha prefixes. Please treat these members the same as domestic Blue Plan members.

Medicare Advantage Member Identification Prefixes Updated for 2015

Empire BlueCross moved Individual (non-group) Medicare Advantage members to a single claims processing system Jan. 1, 2015. Member identification prefixes were updated as part of that transition. The 2015 member identification prefixes for individual Medicare Advantage plans are listed below.

Prefix State/Area Plan Type Plan Name Provider and member service CMS contract

VOF NY MA HMO MediBlue HMO 1-800-499-9554 H3370
VOG NY MA PPO MediBlue PPO Plus 1-866-395-5175 H3342

Premera Blue Cross & The Regence Group Common Alpha Plan Prefixes Last updated: 09/01/2016

• Premera Blue Cross & Premera Blue Cross/NASCO Prefixes

• Western WA providers submit claims to Regence Blue Shield. Eastern WA and Alaska providers submit to Premera.

• Prefixes with * include all characters for the 3rd position unless otherwise listed


BCNEPA Plan and Alpha Prefix Guide

Below you will find a list of the 2015 BCNEPA plans with the corresponding Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for 2016. As members renew or enroll their individual or group contracts for health care coverage in 2016, they will be presented with a new Highmark branded ID card. Verify eligibility via Highmark’s NaviNet. Note: Some members will remain in Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania health plans until their coverage renews to Highmark health plans later this year.

Claims filing information and provider service phone numbers are available in the December, January and February Provider Bulletins.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) members’ ID cards in the BlueCare Direct and Blue Choice Preferred PPO plans have been updated. Below is a list of the old and new alpha prefix codes.

You could download the full BCBS prefixes list is here.


BCBS alpha prefixes list and claim submission address – Updated list. | Medical Billing and Coding (2024)
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